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Cours Communaux de langues modernes

How to register

Registration procedure for the school year 2024-2025


Please read the following instructions carefully before registering


Prospective students should complete the application form by clicking on the button below.

The secretariat will contact you to arrange an appointment for the placement test (compulsory and free of charge). After the test, which lasts around 45 minutes, we will place you in the class that suits you best, and let you know the days and times of your course.

No appointment request will be processed by e-mail, telephone or on site.

As soon as you have this information, you can complete your administrative registration. To do so, make an appointment on our website by clicking on the button   "I make an apointment to register" below. 

Follow the procedure indicated, using the login and password provided to you by the teachers after your test. Use the email-adress you gave the teachers during your test.


Then simply appear in person on the day and at the time indicated, at the school secretariat, rue Abbé Jean Heymans, 29, 1200 Woluwe-Saint-Lambert.


As places are limited, we recommend that you register as soon as possible (1st come, 1st served). Only people who have already taken the placement test can book an appointment. 


On the day of your appointment, you must arrive at the scheduled time to finalize your file.


You must have the following items with you:


*    Your valid identity card or your passport.

*    For non-European citizens: - A Belgian residence permit (electronic card) or

- a registration certificate or

- a valid passport with a visa if required. In this case, an additional registration fee of 90,00€ (DIS) will be charged.

*    A photocopy of your identity document. (Unfortunately, due a shortage of paper, we can no longer make photocopies ourselves).

*    The sum of 92,00€ (by Bancontact only) for one course during one semester (from September to January).

Other fees and exemptions (part of the French Community) 

*    152,00€ for two courses during one semester (from Sptember to January).


*    Students taking the French course up to and including UE2 are exempt from the registration fee (part of the French Community).


Other possible discounts


Some people can benefit from a 40,00€ discount on the registration fee, in particular:


*    Jobseekers regularly registered with ActirisFOREM or VDAB. Condition for obtaining it: after consideration and acceptance of the application by one of these organizations.

*    People registered with the CPAS, receiving the social integration income. Condition for obtaining it: produce an attestation dated the month of the registration, not later than the 1st/10th of the current semester.

*    Minors. Condition for obtaining it: produce, upon registration, the "minor of age" attestation duly completed, available for download below.

*    People with disabilities recognized as such by a competent public authority (Phare, AVIQ ...). Condition for obtaining it: produce a certificate dated from the month of registration, no later than the 1st/10th of the current semester.

*    Civil servants required by the public authority to speak the second national language.  Condition for obtaining it: have the employer (federal, communal or parastatal authority) completed the document available for download below by the 1st/10th of the current semester at the latest.