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Only if you work full-time or three-quarter-time in the private sector Instructions on how to use time

Credits/Educational Leave

Within the first 15 days after the course has started, go to the secretariat to sign up for Time Credits.

Please read this important information so as to avoid any misunderstanding during the school year and losing your rights to this opportunity:

Time Credit Statements

At the end of September (or within 15days after you registered in case of later registration or if your course does not start in September) the secretariat will deliver a proper registration statement. This statement is to be handed to your employer as soon as possible, i.e. by October 31 for the first term, and by March 31 for the second term.

An attendance statement will be given every quarter.

Two original documents will be given: one for the student and one for the employer. (No duplicate will be given).

Number of Hours Off

You have the right to 80 hours off during the school year (to be taken between the first day the course starts and the last examination day).


A maximum of 10% unsupported absences will be allowed for each attendance statement. Over that 10% maximum the student will lose the right to claim time credits for six months.

Above-mentioned 10% maximum is based on the actual number of classes for each quarter.

Attendance Lists

It is up to the student to record his attendance on his list of educational leave with the teacher and to sign for each course. 

The number of hours of attendance appearing on the attendance certificate is calculated on the basis of the attendance sheets. The veracity of these lists is not questionable afterwards. If the secretariat does not receive the attendance lists (CEP) on the scheduled dates, no quarterly certificate will be given to the student. 

Supporting Documents In Case Of Absense

Only the documents/reasons listed below will be taken into account:

  • A medical certificate in case of illness or accident contracted by or involving the student
  • or a member of his/her family residing under the same roof;
  • A statement made by the employer in case the student was absent for a work-related assignment;
  • A strike in public transport;
  • Exceptionally, in case of severe winter conditions (heavy snow, icy roads).

Supporting documents in above-mentioned cases are to be handed to the secretariat within 8 days after the student has returned to school. Failure to do so will result in supporting documents not being taken into account. The student will sign a receipt upon submitting such supporting documents.

Supporting documents submitted after the quarterly attendance statement has been issued will no longer be taken into consideration, and absences concerned will appear as unsupported.

Time Credit Statements

The Federal Public Service for Employment, Labor and Social Consultation has published a brochure entitled "Guidelines on Paid Educational Leave” , which can be obtained, free of charge, by calling 02/233 42 14 or downloaded from the FPS’s website: http://www.meta.fgov.be

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