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Instructions On How To Use Time Credits/Educational Leave


At the beginning of his training, the student must register for educational leave using a form available on the school website www.cclm.be under the download tab. This form should be sent to the following address: .

Please consult regularly the updated information on our website in the News section, under "Educational leave certificates".

In order to avoid any misunderstanding during the school year and the risk of losing your rights to this leave, we draw your attention to the following 5 points:

  1. Time Credit Statements

A certificate of regular enrolment is issued by the secretary's office at the beginning of October after the beginning of the courses, by e-mail in PDF format, to be given to the employer as soon as possible: by October 31 at the latest.

A certificate of attendance is issued every school term by e-mail in PDF (see extracts from the regulations on educational leave).

  2. Number of hours off

You are entitled to 80 hours of leave to be taken between the beginning and the end of the course, unless you continue the courses during the second semester. In that case it is 80 hours for the school year (from September to June).

3. Course Attendance

A maximum of 10% of unjustified absences per certificate are allowed. A student who exceeds the

10% of unjustified absences loses the right to the CEP for a period of 6 months.

This 10% is calculated on the actual number of hours of classes for each quarter.  

4. Attendance lists

The student will keep his/her attendance list, which he/she will sign and get the teacher signature for each date. He or she must send his/her list by e-mail to the secretariat within 5 days of the last date mentioned on this list, at the risk of being informed that he/she is absent on the dates in question.

If the student loses the attendance list, he will be considered as absent on the dates concerned.

The number of hours of attendance appearing on the attendance certificates is calculated on the basis of the attendance lists. The truthfulness of these lists cannot be disputed afterwards.

5. Proof of absence

Only the following are taken into account:

  • A medical certificate in case of illness or accident contracted by or involving the student or a member of his/her family residing under the same roof; 
  • absence justified by a professional reason on the basis of a certificate from the employer;
  • A strike in public transport;
  • Exceptionally, in case of severe winter conditions (heavy snow, icy roads) 
  • Holiday
  • Leave of absence (short absence, for instance: annual vacations, birth, ...);
  • Strike or sickness of the teacher

The supporting documents will be handed in without fail to the secretariat or via the following email address: as soon as possible, before we can issue the quarterly presence document which can never be modified. A receipt will be signed by the student.

For Further Information: The Federal Public Service for Employment: