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Agenda for the year 2023-2024 and school holidays


Fête de la Communauté française: Wednesday 27 September


Autumn holidays: from Monday 23th October to Friday 3rd November


Commemoration: Saterday 11 November


Winter holidays: from Monday 25th December to Friday 5rd January 

Exams: for Monday and Wednesday classes

Written examinations: Wednesday 10 January

Oral examinations: Monday 15 January and Wednesday 17 January

Correction of exams: Monday 22 January

Exams: for Tuesday and Thursday classes

Written examinations:  Thursday 11 January

Oral examinations: Tuesday 16 January and Thursday 18 January

Correction of exams: Tuesday 23 January

Exams: for Wednesday and Friday classes

Written examinations: Friday 12 January

Oral examinations: Wednesday 17 January and Friday 19 January

Correction of exams: Wednesday 24 January