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Fête de la Communauté française: Wednesday 27 September


Autumn holidays: from Monday 23th October to Friday 3rd November


Commemoration: Saterday 11 November


Winter holidays: from Monday 25th December to Friday 5rd January 

Exams: for Monday and Wednesday classes

Written examinations: Wednesday 10 January

Oral examinations: Monday 15 January and Wednesday 17 January

Correction of exams: Monday 22 January

Exams: for Tuesday and Thursday classes

Written examinations:  Thursday 11 January

Oral examinations: Tuesday 16 January and Thursday 18 January

Correction of exams: Tuesday 23 January

Exams: for Wednesday and Friday classes

Written examinations: Friday 12 January

Oral examinations: Wednesday 17 January and Friday 19 January

Correction of exams: Wednesday 24 January


Registrations for educational leave are closed for this semester.

 According to the latest guidelines, certificates of registration and attendance will be delivered to students in PDF format by e-mail. 


 Concerning certificates of achievement:

These are available from Monday to Thursday from 6pm to 8.30pm by e-mail to

from the middle of October on.

Exceptionally during the re-registration period (from 4 to 14 December), the booking of appointments by email

and the distribution of certificates of achievement will be suspended and will resume on 15 December 2023.


Please specify:

  • the school year concerned,
  • the semestre,
  • name, surname,
  • language and level.
  • the day of your visit (in case of an appointment on site).